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Municipality Contacts

Below is a list of Municipalities Serviced by Associated Building Inspections. These links will forward you to the home page of each respective Township or Borough. On each home page you will find Municipal contact information, links to the permit status page and links to the list of inspectors/plan reviewers responsible for each Municipality.

Click each block to reveal each Township’s or Borough’s contact information.

Adamstown Borough

Address: 3000 North Reading Road, PO Box 546, Adamstown, PA 19501
Phone: 717-484-2280
Fax: 717-484-1131

Municipal Contact: Sam Toffy

Zoning Officer: Systems Design Engineering   610-916-8500

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Caernarvon Township

Address: 2139 Main Street, Narvon, PA 17555
Phone: 717-445-4244
Fax: 717-445-7119

Municipal Contact: Kathy Norris, Secretary

Zoning Officer: Barry Wagner, 717-625-0444

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Clay Township

Address: 870 Durlach Road, Stevens, PA.17578
Phone: 717-733-9675
Fax: 717-733-3764

Municipal Contact: Bruce Leisey, Twp. Manager

Zoning Officer: Dale Stahl

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Denver Borough

Address: 501 Main Street, Denver, PA. 17517
Phone: 717-336-2831
Fax: 717-336-7190

Municipal Contact: George Whetsel

Zoning Officer: George Whetsel

Building Code Official: George Whetsel

Earl Township

Address: 517 North Railroad Avenue, New Holland, PA 17577
Phone: 717-354-0773
Fax: 717-355-0599

Municipal Contact: Brenda Becker, Secretary

Zoning Officer: Barry Wagner    717-625-0444

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

East Earl Township

Address: 4610 Division Highway, East Earl, PA 17519
Phone: 717-354-5593
Fax: 717-355-0426

Municipal Contact: Shaun Seymour

Zoning Officer: Shaun Seymour

Building Code Official: Shaun Seymour

East Lampeter Township

Address: 2250 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: 717-393-1567
Fax: 717-393-4609

Township Manager: Ralph Hutchison

Zoning Officer: Tara Hitchens

Building Code Official: Lee Young

Elizabeth Township

Address: 423 South View Drive, Lititz, PA 17543
Phone: 717-626-4302
Fax: 717-626-0102

Municipal Contact: Rita Snavely    717-626-4302

Zoning Officer: Barry Wagner        717-625-0444

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654 for ABI projects

Ephrata Borough

Electrical Inspections Only
Address: 124 South State Street, Ephrata, PA 17522
Phone: 717-738-9222
Fax: 717-733-4062

Zoning Officer: Nancy Harris

Building Code Official: Nancy Harris

Ephrata Township

Address: 265 Akron Road, Ephrata, PA 17522
Phone: 717-733-1044
Fax: 717-738-4344

Municipal Contact: Jen Carvell, 717-733-1044

Zoning Officer: Steve Sawyer 717-733-1044

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Lancaster City

Address: 120 North Duke Street, PO Box 1599, Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: 717-291-4711
Fax: 717-291-4713

Municipal Contact: Gary Horning

Zoning Officer: Walter Siderio

Building Code Official: John LeFever

Lancaster Township

Address: 1240 Maple Ave Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: 717-291-1213
Fax: 717-291-6818

Municipal Contact: William M. Laudien Twp. Manager

Zoning Officer: Thomas P. Daniels

Building Code Official: Kevin Hertzog

Millersville Borough

Address: 100 Municipal Drive, Millersville, PA. 17551
Phone: 717-872-4645
Fax: 717-872-1895

Municipal Contact: Edward Arnold, Borough Manager

Zoning Officer: Mike Tuscan

Building Code Official: Mike Tuscan

Mountville Borough

Address: 21 East Main St. P.O. Box 447 Mountville, PA 17554
Phone: 717 285-5547
Fax: 717 285-2094

Municipal Contact: Pam Mitchell

Zoning Officer: Lauren Zumbrun, Rettew Associates – 3020 Columbia Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17603

Building Code Official: Kevin Hertzog

New Holland Borough

Address: 436 East Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557
Phone: 717-354-4567
Fax: 717-354-2979

Municipal Contact: J. Richard Fulcher, 717-354-4567

Zoning Officer: J. Richard Fulcher, 717-354-4567

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654 for ABI Projects

North Cornwall Township

Address: 320 South 18th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717-273-9200
Fax: 717-274-0466

Municipal Contact: Tom Long

Zoning Officer: Tom Long

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Paradise Township

Address: 2 Township Drive, Paradise, PA 17562
Phone: 717-768-8222
Fax: 717-768-8221

Municipal Contact: Sally Reihl, Secretary

Zoning Officer: Nick J. Lopez

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Penn Township

Address: 97 North Penryn Road Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: 717-665-4508

Municipal Contact: David W. Kratzer, Jr. Township Manager

Zoning Officer: Harry Smith Building Code Official

Providence Township

Address: 200 Mt. Airy Road, New Providence, PA 17560
Phone: 717-786-7596
Fax: 717-768-2565

Municipal Contact: Vicki Eldridge, Secretary

Zoning Officer: Contance Peiffer

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654 for ABI projects

Rapho Township

Address: 971 North Colebrook Road, Manheim, PA. 17545
Phone: 717-665-3827
Fax: 717-665-7685

Municipal Contact: Sara Gibson

Zoning Officer: Dave Eqqert

Building Code Official: Dave Eqqert

Upper Leacock Township

Address: 36 Hillcrest Avenue, Box 325,Leola, PA 17540
Phone: 717-656-9755
Fax: 717-656-9609

Municipal Contact: Mike Morris, Twp. Manager

Zoning Officer: Mark A. Deimler 717-786-0355

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

Terre Hill Borough

Address: 300 Broad Street, Terre Hill, PA. 17581
Phone: 717-445-4581
Fax: 717-445-9139

Municipal Contact: Valerie Gregory, Secretary

Zoning Officer: Shaun Seymour

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

West Cocalico Township

Address: 156B West Main Street, Reinholds, PA. 17569
Phone: 717-336-8720
Fax: 717-336-8725

Municipal Contact: Carol Friesema, Twp. Manager

Zoning Officer: Carol Friesema  717-336-8720

Building Code Official: Ed Poorman 717-733-1654

West Earl Township

Address: 157 Metzler Road, Brownstown, PA
Phone: 717-859-3201
Fax: 717-859-3499

Zoning Officer: Sara Service, 717-859-3201,

West Hempfield Township

Address: 3401 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 717-285-5554
Fax: 717-285-2879

Municipal Contact: Charles Douts, Twp. Manager

Zoning Officer: Jodi Grove

West Lampeter Township

Address: 852 Village Rd Lampeter, PA 17537
Phone: 717-464-3731
Fax: 717-464-5047

Municipal Contact: Dee Dee McGuire, Twp Manager

Zoning Officer: Joellyn Warren, Kevin Hertzog

Building Code Official: Kevin Hertzog

Warwick Township

Address: 315 Clay Road, PO Box 308, Lititz, PA 17543-0308
Phone: 717-626-8900
Fax: 717-626-8901

Municipal Contact: Daniel Zimmerman, Township Manager

Zoning Officer: Tom Zorbaugh   717-626-8900

Building Code Official: Tom Zorbaugh