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Franklin and Marshall College Shadek Stadium

The 2017 Franklin & Marshall football team will be honored for years to come at the College. The season proved to be a watershed moment for the football squad as no other team in program history accomplished what the Diplomats did. F&M closed down a historic field with one of 10 wins on the season, while christening a new stadium with a Centennial Conference (CC) Title. The Diplomats won both rivalry games and capped off the year with a Bowl Championship, thanks in large part to contributions made by the team’s 15 All-Conference selections – the most in the history of the program.

Landmark Homes

Landmark Homes is an award-winning, family-owned designer and builder of new homes and communities in Central Pennsylvania.

Press Building

“ABI’s timely responsiveness and keen attention to detail have helped our staff maintain an aggressive schedule throughout the duration of the project. We are grateful for ABI’s dedication to client satisfaction while ensuring quality of work and code compliance.” – Ted Miller, Senior Project Manager, Wagman Construction