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Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Existing structures and properties are exempt from enforcement by Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC). While every Municipality enforces the state code in some fashion, few enforce Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections.

Blighted property is a serious concern that continues to increase as our communities age and grow. With the addition of the Property Maintenance Division, ABI will continue to meet the code enforcement needs of our communities. We offer a wide range of enforcement that can meet all of your municipal needs. A well implemented property maintenance program encourages economic stability and promotes a healthy community.

ABI’s President, Edward Poorman, announced the initiative to provide a needed service to municipalities that are struggling to keep up with the minimum maintenance requirements for existing structures and exterior property areas. The purpose of the Property Maintenance Division is to enforce the Property Maintenance Code, which is intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by requiring existing structures and properties to comply with the provisions adopted by each municipality.