Your Safety is Our Priority


About Us

About Us

Associated Building Inspections, “ABI”, was created in 1994 by our founder, Randy B. Maurer. Randy started out as a one man operation out of his home-office. Randy’s goal to provide the highest level of code enforcement services to municipalities has grown the company over the past 25 years.

Presently ABI, employs a staff of 24 dedicated individuals serving 35 plus municipalities in central PA. Our experienced staff includes Engineers, Architects, Instructors, Building and Master Code Officials. ABI utilizes subject matter experts, in each respective code discipline, to ensure that all code compliance laws are enforced.

Building Code Officials have been called “Silent Defenders”. While we all recognize the uniforms of police and firefighters, few recognize the important role your Building Code Official plays in ensuring life safety and building integrity. Our mission is the life safety and welfare of your co-workers, your friends, your family, and yourself. We are the last line of defense before a certificate of Use and Occupancy is issued for your project.

“Your safety is our priority,” is not just the goal and motto of our organization; It is passion that drives our team. Let our experience and passion for code compliance work for you.

Edward Poorman