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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

General Information: Commercial Building Inspections

Before starting any project it’s good to consider permits and if you need them. We have a handy guide on this page answering the question Permits: Do I need one? There are four important areas which must be considered for Commercial inspections.

Plan Review Time Frame

The time permitted to review a set of commercial plans is 30 business days from the submittal date. For further information please review the commercial section of Act 45 of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code by clicking here.

Submittal Information

In order to provide for more uniform permit applications, a Commercial Plan Review cover letter has been provided to guide you through the commercial/industrial permit application process. Click here to view this Permit Checklist.

Inspection Requirements

As with most commercial projects they are completed over a time frame that ranges from weeks to years. In order to provide the most expedient service, the Building Code Official will schedule weekly visits to your project to review work in progress. On smaller jobs, the Building Code Official may schedule specific inspections due to the nature of the project. Typical inspections include but are not limited to footers, foundations, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, insulation, fire suppression, sub-slab construction disciplines requiring inspections before pouring slabs, reviews and approvals of special inspections, above ceiling inspections (when drop ceilings are part of the project), and final Use & Occupancy approvals.

The Certificate of Use and Occupancy

In order to receive a final Use & Occupancy approval, the following items shall be completed in their entirety. All mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire detection and fire suppression systems shall be fully functional. All handrails, guardrails, and stairway systems shall be complete. All downspouts shall be in place and final grading shall be complete. All floor sheathing and wall coverings shall be complete. NO occupancy is allowed without the Use & Occupancy Certificate granted by the Code Official.