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ABI Diversifies: Launches Property Maintenance & Housing Division

Lancaster – October 1, 2017: Associated Building Inspections (ABI) is pleased to announce that they now offer Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections to all municipalities in south central PA.

Most people are aware of Building Codes, but few are aware that most municipalities have only adopted building codes for new construction. Existing structures and properties are exempt from enforcement by Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC). While every Municipality enforces the state code in some fashion, few enforce Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections.

Blighted property is a serious concern that continues to increase as our communities age and grow. With the addition of the Property Maintenance Division, ABI will continue to meet the code enforcement needs of our communities. We offer a wide range of enforcement that can meet all of your municipal needs. A well implemented property maintenance program encourages economic stability and promotes a healthy community.

ABI’s President, Edward Poorman, announced the initiative to provide a needed service to municipalities that are struggling to keep up with the minimum maintenance requirements for existing structures and exterior property areas. The purpose of the Property Maintenance Division is to enforce the Property Maintenance Code, which is intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by requiring existing structures and properties to comply with the provisions adopted by each municipality.

ABI works with each municipality to create a program that meets the specific needs of their residents. If a property or structure does not comply with the regulations adopted by the municipality, it shall be required to abate all deficient items by making needed repairs or alterations. The goal is to ensure that all existing properties and structures meet a minimum level of health and safety as required by code.

“We are expecting to see an increased need for Property Maintenance and Rental inspections”, Poorman said. “We are hearing from municipalities that are not interested in waiting for a tragedy to happen before they take action. It puts your mind to rest to know that the municipal officials are looking out for their resident’s interests.” Edward Poorman, President ABI


ABI Acquisition/Sale Announcement:

Lancaster – August 31, 2017: Associated Building Inspections is under new ownership. On August 31, Edward Poorman purchased Associated Building Inspections Incorporated (ABI) from Randy B Maurer. As a result of the transaction, Edward Poorman will assume the role of President of Associated Building Inspections LLC. Randy Maurer, ABI’s founder, will be named Vice President of Internal Operations. All other employees will continue in their current roles. ABI will remain headquartered in Ephrata PA.

Edward Poorman holds an Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering and a Bachelors Degree in Architecture .  Ed holds many inspection certifications in building, plumbing, mechanical, energy and electrical for both residential and commercial applications.   Ed Poorman was also a Sergeant in the Marines and a Iraq Veteran of War.

ABI remains committed to the highest level of code enforcement, and the new structure will enable ABI to expand their role in the area and provide additional value-added services to municipalities, contractors, designers and the construction industry as a whole.

Associated Building Inspections seasoned management team has done a tremendous job building a successful track record and outstanding relationships with its municipal and private customers. ABI has strong focus on customer satisfaction and creative, cost effect, code based, solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

ABI has built a reputation on employing subject matter experts in their respective fields. This sets the bar very high for excellence in building code enforcement. A standard that will not change with new ownership.

“I am very excited for this opportunity”, said Mr. Poorman. “It is a honor and privilege to partner with Randy Maurer. Randy has set the bar very high in this industry. While this acquisition denotes a change in ownership, our customers should rest assured that the fundamental principles that make ABI an industry leader in code enforcement will not be compromised.”

“We look forward to growing our breadth and diversity in code enforcement. We will continue to deliver the highest possible service to our customers. Life safety is paramount; our customers can continue to rely on us to ensure that all local and state codes are enforced in all aspects of the construction process.” Edward Poorman, President Associated Building Inspections LLC., August 31, 2017